mastering the mat

classical PILATES TEACHER Mentorship

I empower Pilates teachers to build a sustainable business that helps them & their clients feel and function better.

Mastering the Mat Classical Pilates Mentorship is for you if:

  • You are a certified Pilates Mat instructor from any background (or a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor who wants to take a deep dive into the Mat exercises)

  • You have at least 1 year of teaching experience

  • You want to dive deep into understanding, practicing, and teaching the full Classical Pilates Mat

  • You want your clients to have the best possible success

  • You want to increase your client numbers and make more money teaching Pilates Mat

If you’re a Pilates Mat Instructor and you love what you do, but you’re ready to take your training and business to the next level, then my mastering the mat classical pilates mentorship program is for you!  

In my 28 years of teaching Pilates, I have taught thousands of mat classes and trained hundreds of Pilates teachers in both mat-only and full system with all apparatus. I owned award-winning Pilates studios, sold them and spent several years teaching Pilates at an A-List private island spa in the Turks and Caicos Islands, and now am a Master Teacher at Real Pilates in NYC with a waiting list. I teach all kinds of clients, including folks with severe injuries and disabilities. And now I bring all my years of experience to you in this online Pilates Teacher mentorship, presented in a live 2-hour webinar format using Zoom meeting.

My Classical Pilates mentorship client Thalia said she had women flocking to her classes when she started teaching the standing footwork, wall, and two x four work. Her ladies' feet were feeling better, their posture improved, and their booties were higher and tighter.  Who doesn’t want all of that?

Another of my Pilates Mentorship clients saw her class numbers increase 150% in just one week when she simply implemented a little more Classical Pilates. Her clients loved the consistency, the homework, and all the comments they were getting on how great they looked.  That’s not just an amazing testament to the power of Classical Pilates, it’s also an immediate return on investment!

If you’d like to build a sustainable Pilates business that helps you and your clients feel and function even better, then add my proven techniques to your existing Pilates mat classes and watch how many people tell their friends! Teach Pilates mat classes with confidence, help more people, and make more money. It's a true win-win!

How Mastering the Mat classical pilates mentorship Works:

  1. Register below for Beginner System or save $50 and register now for the Full Mat Series.
  2. Look for email with links to liability waiver, Facebook group, and to join workshop(s) on Zoom meeting.
  3. Complete waiver and join private Facebook group.
  4. Join online workshop or view the video.
  5. Try new ideas, give feedback, ask questions and get answers!

Free Guide: 

5 Simple Ways to Make More Money Right Now Teaching Pilates Mat

Mastering the Mat Pilates Teacher Mentorship - Beginner System


ONE 2 hour Mastering the Mat live video workshop, where we will explore all of the basic and beginning classical Pilates mat, some useful pre-Pilates exercises, standing exercises, 2x4, and wall exercises, along with modifications and variations for special populations. Just this one training will give you tons of ideas for your current and upcoming mat classes.

Unlimited access to the workshop video.

Online community access for Q & A and general support. 

SUNDAY March 25, 2018 11am-1pm

Mastering the Mat Pilates Teacher Mentorship - Full Mat System


ALL FIVE 2 hour Mastering the Mat video workshops, where we will explore the beginner, intermediate, and advanced classical Pilates mat exercises, where and when to layer them in safely, the classical transitions (which are exercises in themselves), modifications and variations, and use of props.

Unlimited access to the workshop videos.

Online community access for Q & A and general support. 

SUNDAYS March 25, April 8, 15, 22, 29 2018 11am-1pm