Mastering the Mat Mentorship Program



Pilates has changed countless lives and helped countless people enjoy better fitness. That’s probably why you’re here… because Pilates has changed your life too - and that is why you decided to teach Pilates Mat!

If you’re a Pilates Mat Instructor and you love what you do, but you’re ready to take your training to the next level, then the Mastering the Mat Mentorship Program is for you!  My past client Thalia said she had women flocking to her classes when she started teaching the standing footwork, wall, and two x four work. Her ladies' feet were feeling better, their posture improved, and their booties were higher and tighter.  Who doesn’t want all of that??

If you’d like to help your clients feel even better, then add classical Pilates to your existing mat classes and watch how many people tell their friends. I’ll even teach you how to make your own two x four with materials you can find at any hardware store!

So if you want to:

  • Reinvigorate your teaching

  • Create more buzz about your classes

  • Attract more new clients

  • Increase client retention

Then grab a spot in the Mastering the Mat Mentorship.  Space is limited and I don’t want you to miss out! Program launches December 15. 

Still unsure?  Trust me when I say I understand how scary it can be to invest in something.  I’ve been there too, so I get it.  But adding classical Pilates to your classes is just what your clients need, and they’ll keep coming back to you to get it!  Pilates Mat teachers are often of the belief that clients will get bored with a consistent series of exercises, but in my experience that just isn’t the case. Think about the most successful fitness studios and classes - SoulCycle, Barry's Bootcamp, Orangetheory, and Crossfit all offer a consistent product. You know what the class is, and it is the same no matter where you go, with only very slight, if any, variations.

Instead of always trying to be new, classical Pilates invites us to go deeper into our practice. Your advanced Hundred will be completely different than your beginner Hundred, even though it is ostensibly the same exercise. In Mastering the Mat, I invite you to re-discover, and again become excited about, teaching Pilates Mat.

This mentorship is for you if:

  • You are a certified Pilates Mat instructor (or a comprehensively trained Pilates instructor who wants to deep dive into Mat)

  • You have at least 1 year of teaching experience

  • You want to dive deep into Classical Pilates Mat

  • You want your clients to have the best possible success

One of my Pilates Mentorship clients saw her class numbers increase 150% in just one week when she implemented a little more Classical Pilates.  That’s not just an amazing testament to the power of classical Pilates, it’s also an immediate return on investment!

What will you get with your Full Mentorship Bundle?

  • 5 2-hour pre-recorded video training sessions

  • Private online community

  • Personal attention

  • Small group setting; we answer any and all questions!

  • Access to my extensive classical and contemporary Pilates knowledge

  • Learn variations, modifications, and how to add props to your Pilates Mat classes

I know you’re passionate about Pilates.  So am I!  And I want to help you take your classes to a new level that will help your clients even more, and keep them coming back...with their friends!  Classical Pilates training is a powerful tool that will help you take your business even further than you imagined.  

Option 1:

Mastering the Mat Mentorship Jumpstart


A 2-hour video on all things in beginner Pilates Mat. We will cover the original order of the Pilates mat and how to modify exercises for common injuries and issues. Plus Standing Footwork, Wall Exercises, and Two x Four series. Learn how to give your classes a challenging, but safe, Pilates workout! I will answer any questions you may have in our private community. This is where to start!

Mastering the Mat Mentorship Intro Video
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Option 2:

Mastering the Mat Mentorship Series Bundle


This is an additional 4 video deep-dive into teaching Pilates Mat. In each 2-hour video, we will look at the entire Pilates mat repertoire, with modifications, variations, use of props, special populations, and I will answer any questions you may have in our private community.

Mastering the Mat Mentorship Bundle
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