online pilates sessions

private pilates sessions in your home, pilates studio, or wherever you may be

Wouldn't it be great to have an expertly-taught, private Pilates session in the comfort of your very own home, pilates studio, or wherever you are? 

Now you can!  Regular Pilates privates can make the difference between getting an OK home workout and getting an awesome, personalized workout geared to your body and its needs.

Whether you are new to Pilates or have been practicing for years, whether you are a Pilates professional or a Pilates client, I am happy to help you!

I can gear your Online Pilates session to your needs, be they just getting strong and staying flexible, or working with back and neck pain, osteoporosis, diastasis recti, and other issues.

You are a strong, busy person, with incredibly important roles to fill each day.

You have a hard time getting out of the house or office and into the studio or gym. Or you spend all your time teaching Pilates, and have no energy for yourself.

You would love to do Pilates at home, or on your off time, but are too tired, lack focus, and need a teacher.

Your family, friends, and community deserve to have you feeling your absolute best. You deserve to feel your absolute best!

Online Pilates sessions are the perfect solution! 

I use the free Zoom meeting app, available on every platform, It is very clear, very stable, and we will record your session so that you can have the video for future use. You can use just about any device - desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone.

I have space right now for just FIVE new online clients.

Pilates teachers - we can deepen your practice, sharpen your technique, and I will give you invaluable cues and feedback. 

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