Strong Bones

From Lynda Lippin Pilates

A 6-week, Online, Guided Program 

Building Bone & Muscle Strength for Women 50+

We Start Monday, November 1, 2021

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Learn How to Do Pilates Exercises That Will Help You Strengthen Your Bones, Improve Balance, and Avoid Fractures

  • Learn effective, safe exercises to help strengthen your Powerhouse (that's Pilates-speak for Core) - all modified for osteoporosis

  • Improve your strength, balance, mobility, and circulation.

  • Learn how to use the simple & effective Tye4® from PhysicalMind to help increase resistance.
  • Learn exactly how to do the exercises with online classes and privates every single week.

  • Be part of a community of women all focused on staying healthy and strong

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Sunni Almond, Going More Joe®

When I received my osteoporosis diagnosis, I messaged my friend Lynda for some sessions to get the Classical Pilates modifications.

Lynda can see 20/20 through that webcam, and her osteoporosis-safe modifications are just as challenging as the original versions, if not more so.

She won't baby you, she won't push you too much, but she will help you get stronger and understand what to modify and why.

Rosemary Stanfield, Ph.D.

My sessions with Lynda, with all osteoporosis modifications, are more productive than my past myofascial work, acupuncture, and they retained all the flexibility and strength goals to which I aspire. Plus, I LOVE to use my own body for movement and personal therapy.

Lynda gives me cues that thrill me. Every modification I try gives me either a palpable opening in my spine, sacral, and sternum breadth, or a gentle massage of damaged areas that have healed but are somehow crying out for touch but often don’t get it because of tightness in surrounding areas.

Ellen Miller, Pilates Pro

As a Pilates professional, I focus on my client's issues every day, and not always my own.

When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, I needed someone I trusted to lead me through safe exercise sessions for my own body.

I can't believe how much stronger I feel and how much better my balance is in just 4 weeks - and we have 2 weeks to go!

I highly recommend Strong Bones for any woman with osteoporosis.


Strong Bones Osteoporosis Program


6-Week Online Program - over $2000 value

  • Six weekly 45-minute Private Sessions (a $900 value)

  • Twelve 45-minute Group Workouts (a $240 value)

  • Nutrition Guidance (a $300 value)

  • Tye4® X wearable resistance (a $80 value)

  • Private FB Group for Community, Accountability, & Questions. Replays of all group sessions will be in the FB group (a $600 value)


About Me

For over 30 years, my clients (including Donna Karan, Laurie Anderson, and Joe Walsh) have trusted me to help them get stronger and function better, with less pain. In fact, former Financial Times travel editor Rahul Jacob says that I'm the best Pilates teacher and personal trainer he's ever worked with.
A former Philosophy & Women's Studies professor, I've owned award-winning 6 and 7 figure Pilates studios, taught overseas at an A-list private island resort, and have trained hundreds of Pilates teachers.
And I'm also a Reiki Master and certified MindMAP Success & Mindset Coach.
Currently, I own Lynda Lippin Pilates, LLC, where she help women over 50 with osteoporosis increase their bone density, and eliminate chronic pain through my online Strong Bones program and online private sessions. I also serve Pilates Teachers through the Pilates Teacher Mastermind®, a one-year business accelerator and continuing education program.

I would love to help you!

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