Pilates for Back Pain eCourse

Master Pilates Teacher, Personal Trainer, FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Coach, Reiki Master, Back Pain & Diastasis expert.

Helping people feel and function better since 1989.

In this eCourse you will learn how to help yourself (and your clients) get a handle on back pain, as we learn how to safely perform the full Pilates Mat, with modifications as needed for different back conditions.

This eCourse is for you if:

  • You have back pain, or are a pilates teacher with back pain, and want to feel better while still doing the activities you love.

  • You are a Pilates teacher or personal trainer who isn't sure how to handle clients with back pain, especially with mat or floor exercises.

  • You have questions about how to do or teach all of the Classical Pilates mat exercises (beginner through advanced) in a way that will help relieve back pain, and not make back pain worse.

  • you are unsure about different causes of back pain and how to work with them. 

The Pilates for Back Pain eCourse will help you understand and work around most causes of back pain

"This is so easy to follow and understand, that it as good for the Pilates professional with clients they are stymied by, as well as the layman who just wants to feel better, understand why they hurt, and still want to get a workout. Living life on the couch (or Lazy Boy chair) isn’t good for anyone, so get this eCourse, get moving and feel better." -Sunni Almond, Pilates Glossy

The Pilates for Back Pain eCourse contains:

  • 100+ page eBook with photos and instructions for all exercises

  • 9 Audios covering every mat routine plus extras

  • Links to videos where I break down every mat exercise with modifications and variations

  • Links to videos explaining causes of back pain, how to modify exercises, and more!

The Pilates for Back Pain eCourse features an easy-to-understand self-led curriculum that will take you from pre-Pilates fundamentals through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced classical Pilates mat work (including some standing footwork, wall exercises, and reformer on the mat), with spine safety modifications for various common spine issues, including stenosis and disc herniations.

You will learn the importance of breath, pelvic stability, and length without compression, and how to move properly no matter what you are doing.


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