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Pilates Teacher Mastermind VIP

From Lynda Lippin Pilates

A One-Year Professional Development & Business Accelerator Program for Pilates teachers that will help you make more money and create more impact, online and offline. 

Designed specifically for Pilates Teachers by Lynda Lippin, Master Pilates Teacher & Coach.

Download Your Free Guide  - 5 Ways To Make More Money Teaching Pilates

Learn How to Work Both In and On Your Pilates Business

  • Learn effective, cutting edge strategies for marketing, including email and social media.

  • Improve your mindset for better results in all areas of your life.

  • Learn exactly how to build your business quickly, whether in studio or online.

  • Learn proven business strategies to increase your bottom line without having to sacrifice your life and family.

  • Deep-dive into 24 Pilates continuing education workshops and expand your toolkit and skills.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online (or Offline) Pilates Business

  • Be part of a select group of Pilates teachers receiving the exact guidance and support you need to help you get the best outcomes for your existing clients.

  • Identify your Core Values, Ideal Clients, and create your Premium Online or In Person Program to serve those clients.

  • Learn the exact processes I use to take new online clients from “Cold” to “Close”.

  • Review pre-Pilates exercises and all the modifications for folks with osteoporosis, Diastasis, back and neck pain, Parkinson's, and other issues.
  • Review the entire classical system on all apparatus.

Download Your Free Guide  - 5 Ways To Make More Money Teaching Pilates

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Alison Bricken

Lynda Lippin is a gifted teacher of teachers.

Her commitment to informing & educating Pilates pros is unparalleled.

No matter what your previous Pilates training may be, her simple, direct, and effective teaching method will help you become a superior instructor.

Sunni Almond

Lynda can see 20/20 through that webcam, so online you'll get all the great cues and adjustments you'd expect in a studio session

And, Lynda's whole Pilates Teacher Mastermind thing is genius. The price is unbeatable, and the education incredible! Thank you for supporting Pilates teachers.

Bonnie Heyman

It was a pleasure to not only read the information, but also have Lynda explain and demonstrate on video.  

I highly recommend Lynda's online Pilates workshops to everyone looking for continuing education.

She is an exceptional teacher with a ton of knowledge.

Pilates Teacher Mastermind VIP is packed with nearly $17,000 worth of value!

  • 24 Pilates continuing education workshops. (a $4000 value)

  • New workshops and trainings, delivered four times per month. (a $4000 value)

  • Pilates Profit Lab Quickstart business accelerator program (a $2000 value)

  • Weekly Q&A with me. (a $2000 value)

  • Twice-monthly group Pilates Chat & Mat! (a $2400 value)

  • Quarterly private sessions (a $440 value)

  • 35% discount on all my products and services.

  • Private PTMM VIP FB Group. (a $1200 value)

A Walk Through

Not sure about the Pilates Teacher Mastermind VIP program? Wonder what it looks like?

Just click the play button for a walk through the program.


Monthly Option


12 monthly payments of $379.00


Best Price


One Payment of $3997.00


About Me

For over 30 years, my clients (including Donna Karan, Laurie Anderson, and Joe Walsh) have trusted me to help them get stronger and function better, with less pain. In fact, former Financial Times travel editor Rahul Jacob says that I'm the best Pilates teacher and personal trainer he's ever worked with.
A former Philosophy & Women's Studies professor, I've owned award-winning 6 and 7 figure Pilates studios, taught overseas at an A-list private island resort, and have trained hundreds of Pilates teachers.
And I'm also a Reiki Master and certified MindMAP Success & Mindset Coach.
Currently, I own Lynda Lippin Pilates, LLC, where I help women over 50 with osteoporosis increase their bone density, and eliminate chronic pain through my online Strong Bones program and online private sessions. I also serve Pilates Teachers through the Pilates Teacher Mastermind®, a one-year business accelerator and continuing education program.

I would love to help you!

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