Pilates Audio - Beg/Int Mat

Pilates Audio - Beg/Int Mat


Do a Pilates mat class with Lynda Lippin's expert instruction anytime and anywhere you have your computer, digital audio player, or CD player (yes, you can burn to a CD). This class will improve your core strength and flexibility, improve posture, and tone your abs, butt, and back like nothing else. Plus you will notice a decrease in general aches and pains.

"This Pilates mat class is such a cool thing that because it’s basic, doesn’t mean the most advanced person can’t get a workout. This is a 40 minute workout that takes you through supine, prone and side lying as well as all fours, and into Planks, push ups and standing. You will stretch, you will strengthen, massage your spine with some rolling exercises. Don’t be fooled by the prePilates exercises to think that you won’t be worked out by the end. She leaves no stone unturned. Enjoy!!" -Sunni Almond, Pilates Teacher

"Bottom Line: This is a solid, beginner-to-intermediate Pilates mat workout with good instruction. The workout flow is mostly there, the important cues are there, and the workout builds nicely. It's quite handy to have a Pilates workout or two readily available on one's phone or digital device." -Marguerite Ogle

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