Pilates Audio - Lower Back

Pilates Audio - Lower Back


This 30 minute Pilates mat class contains only exercises to specifically ease your back pain and strengthen your core. All you have to do is listen, and do the exercises 2-4 times per week. That's it!


"I recommend this highly! It’s really the best back pain relief I’ve found! And even though she guarantees relief after 2-3 weeks of daily use, I found relief after the first time I did it and every time thereafter. I know it sounds too good to be true! Just try it. If you have chronic back pain as I do you have absolutely nothing to lose!" -Bob Hannum, Pilate Teacher

"Lynda's voice is beautiful and her instructions are clear and easy to follow. Since I cannot do Pilates classes with Lynda in person the MP3 is the next best thing. My back feels great and my waist is getting smaller! I love this Pilates recording so much I bought copies to give as Christmas gifts to all my friends and family who suffer with back pain."-Kay Weir, Turks and Caicos

"The sequence of exercises has all the qualities of a solid pilates principles workout--easy to follow, well-paced and above all safe. Lynda has the ability to be very specific without overwhelming the listening with anatomical jargon. She says just enough and a little bit more to get you feeling what you should be feeling." -Anne Samoilov, Pilates Teacher and Business Coach, Los Angeles, CA

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"The exercises in the lower back sequence teach neutral spine and pelvic placement and stability - critical elements in relieving lower back pain. There are also strengthening exercises that will get the back extensors working as well as train the leg and hips to support good alignment." -Marguerite Ogle, About.com Pilates Expert

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