Mastering the Mat Mentorship

I know you’re passionate about Pilates. So am I! And I want to help you take your classes to a new level that will help your clients even more, and keep them coming back...with their friends! Classical Pilates training is a powerful tool that will help you take your business even further than you imagined.  

The Mastering the Mat Pilates Mentorship program consists of 10 hours of video trainings along with a private community for questions and support. 

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On-Line pilates Sessions

If you are a Pilates enthusiast who needs help with your home or studio Pilates practice, and would like a practiced eye on your form and technique, an online Pilates session is for you!

If you are a Pilates professional who needs mentorship, education, or simply would like some new eyes on your form and technique, an online Pilates session is excatly what you need!

I was one of the first Pilates teachers to embrace teaching on-line. I offer private training via the free and stable Zoom Meeting app, and you will have a video of your session to re-view as needed.

FASTer Way To Fat Loss

If you are tired  of being tired, struggling with your weight, being hungry all the time, and trying to survive on too much exercise and too little food, this 6 week online program is just for you!

My FASTer Way To Fat Loss ladies are eating more than ever, working out only 30-40 minutes, 5 days a week, and have gained muscle and lost fat. Plus they are sleeping better and have more energy. Join us!

My next round of this easy to follow and extremely effective program starts December 4!